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To keep your property looking its best, you should cut your grass weekly, clean up debris every spring and fall and trim your hedges at least once per year. Lawn maintenance chores demand a lot of your time and energy, so consider hiring a local landscaping company in Memphis, TN.

You should work with L & G Landscaping LLC if you want to...

Avoid spending all your free time doing yard work
Impress your guests with a pristine landscape
Receive exceptional service every time

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Grass cutting, drain installation and bush hogging services - you name it, we offer it. Because we provide a wide range of convenient services, clients trust us to cultivate lovely landscapes at their homesteads, banks, churches and organization headquarters.

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It pays to go with a pro

Amateurs don't have the tools or know-how to provide comprehensive landscaping services, but our professional landscapers...

Are licensed to provide the services you need
Have over 15 years of experience cultivating dream yards
Work full-time to care for lawns and landscapes in the Memphis, TN area
Use heavy-duty equipment like rotary cutters to tame overgrown properties

We can do whatever is needed to beautify your yard.