Say Goodbye to Invasive Weeds

Turn to us for weed control services in the Memphis, TN area

No one wants to see invasive weeds peeking through their grass blades, sidewalk cracks or flower beds. If you've increased noticed weed growth on your property, don't pick up your gloves. Grab a phone, and call the pros at L & G Landscaping LLC for weed control services in or around Memphis, TN.

For more information about our weekly and monthly services, call 901-336-1420 now. We look forward to completing your lawn weed control tasks.

Why hire us?

Why hire us?

Rather than doing lawn weed control chores yourself, leave those jobs to our fully equipped crew. You can count on us to help you save:

  • Time - spend your weekends relaxing instead of pulling weeds in your yard.
  • Money - stop spending money on expensive weed control equipment.
  • Space - don't let weed control tools take up valuable space in your garage.

To take advantage of our weed control services, hire our staff today.