Tame the Jungle on Your Memphis, TN Area Property

Take advantage of our convenient bush hogging services

You could do so much on your land if only you could get rid of the out-of-control weeds, grass and saplings. Luckily, L & G Landscaping LLC has the tools required to do just that. We can cut down unwanted plants using brush clearing equipment, leaving behind a six-inch layer of vegetation.

Contact us today to get bush hogging services in Memphis, TN or a surrounding area.

Prep your land for planting or development

Prep your land for planting or development

Weeds can spring up practically overnight, turning pastures and farmland into jungles. Consistent brush clearing is designed to...

Thin out overgrown vegetation
Prevent weeds from monopolizing soil nutrients
Allow sunlight to reach plants that were once overshadowed

No matter what you plan to use your land for, you'll need bush hogging services to reclaim your property in the Memphis, TN area. Hire L & G Landscaping by calling 901-336-1420 now.